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The design of our periointegrating dental implants offer a wide treatment spectrum to handle all patient cases.

PerioType Rapid dental implant

PerioType Rapid®:
The implant for immediate loading

PerioType Rapid® was designed for achieving high primary stability in all bone situations. The implant offers a simple way for immediate implantant placement and immediate loading. More...

PerioType X-Pert dental implant

PerioType X-Pert®:
The "Allround-Implant"

(not available any more)

  • All bolted connections can be used with one screwdriver
  • Both implants can be used with the same drill bit
  • Both implants have the unique design of the implant shoulder transferred from Swiss watch and the implant-coating PerioCoat®
  • Maximum success due to simple handling
  • High stability and high efficiency


PerioType Rapid® produkt catalog ca. 6 MB

(Not for sale to the US market.)